Running for 4 days from September 9-12, the Soulful Sales Summit will help heart-led online course creators to sell with greater ease, worry less about what people think, and align their sales strategies to their values and personality.

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Selling your offers isn’t always easy as a heart-led course creator who:

  • Feels all the feelings and has strong values
  • Doesn't vibe with the typical marketing advice
  • Doesn't have the energy to “be everywhere” all the time
  • Deeply cares about all of your followers & students
  • And sometimes worries a little too much about what other people think

Over the 4 days of the soulful sales summit, I’ll introduce you to 25+ online business experts who will show you that you don't need to be different, this can be fun & easy, and you get to show up exactly as the unique and imperfect human that you are to sell your courses.

You caring isn’t something that “gets in the way” of you selling more – it is your superpower, and it’s time to start believing it.


Hi, I’m Ruth – a 6-figure copywriter turned business coach & mentor to sensitive & driven service-based business owners, author of the book ‘quietly ambitious’, and host of the soulful sales podcast.

I believe in business as a vehicle for self-expression and meaningful impact in the world. And to make that possible, you need to grow in a way that honours all of who you are (thoughtful, complex, brave, scared, overwhelmed, ambitious, awkward, & everything in between).

I'm also neurodivergent, a massive introvert, feminist, and 90s-music fan. I currently live in the South East of England, with my husband Chris and my son Rowan.


This will follow a similar format to other online summits:

  • We'll have 4 days of pre-recorded presentations (around 15-20 min long)
  • Each speaker will be sharing something juicy, valuable and actionable
  • Plus there'll be space for a short pitch of a related free or paid offer.
  • The summit is free for limited access with 2 paid upgrades (the higher tier includes a bundle of speaker offers like courses and trainings)
  • There will also be sponsorship packages available at a range of price points. Click here if you'd like to receive the package info when ready.

While the summit is happening, speakers don't need to be available (because it's pre-recorded) but they can, if they wish, interact with attendees through the pop-up Facebook group (it was a magical space last year!)


The topic of “soulful sales” can mean different things to different people.

The summit is largely going to be about how course creators feel about selling their own thing. But it's also about our experience of being sold toHere's how I'm being intentional about this during the summit:

  • All of the presentations will be valuable in and of themselves. This is not a glorified sales pitch for myself or any of the speakers.
  • You will not be forced to pay for transcripts. They will be provided at the free level in an effort to make the summit more accessible to all.
  • When selling summit upgrades, the emphasis will be placed on what is possible for the right people (vs how they might fail without signing up to the summit or making people feel “not good enough”).
  • We will be using countdown timers & time-limited offers (on the sales page & in emails) to invite people into the upgrade offers and to reward fast action-takers.
  • You are welcome to apply even if it's not how you would personally do it, as long as you're comfortable promoting the summit to your audience, knowing all of the above. Soulful sales is about what feels right to you.


✨ Fri 14th Jun – Speaker applications close
Fri 28th Jun – Successful speakers contacted
✨ Mon 15th Jul
 – Basic speaker info due
✨ Mon 12th Aug – Presentations due
✨ Mon 19th Aug – Affiliate swipe copy ready

Mon 26th Aug – Promotion period begins (for speakers/ affiliates)
Mon 9th Sept – The summit starts!
Thur 19th Sept – The summit ends

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By running a summit, my aims are to create transformational experience that raises my own visibility, grows my email list, and that makes sales in the form of upgraded passes.

As a speaker, there's so much in it for you, too:

(1) You'll grow your email list. While I won't share the entire attendee list with speakers, you will gain subscribers through those who sign up for your freebie (linked to on your presentation page), or your bundle offer (if you choose to contribute to the VIP bundle). I can't guarantee any numbers but this will hopefully result in several hundred subscribers for you (who may then go on to purchase from you later).

(2) You'll get in front of a whole new audience. I will be promoting this summit everywhere – on social media, in ads, on my podcast – and it's a fantastic opportunity to get visible. Last year we had 2000 sign ups and this year the aim is to grow that. You'll also be able to chat to the attendees, should you wish to, via the Facebook group.

(3) Earn a % of sales through affiliate referrals. You'll get 40% of all upgraded passes sold via your affiliate link (bumped up to 50% if you contribute to the VIP bundle). You'll also receive 40% commission on any self-study courses your referrals go on to buy from me in the future (or 25-30% for offers that contain a “live” element). There might also be extra cash prizes for affiliates along the way.

(4) You'll get a free upgraded pass. The details are still be finalised, but it includes ongoing access to all the presentations, a podcast version of the summit, courses and journal prompts from me & other participants & more. These will be sold for between $77 and $149 (tbc).

(5) Guidance for you to make the most of the experience. Being part of a summit like this is a great way to get visible, and to support you to get the most from it I'll be sending out a speaker guide to help you prepare once you're officially confirmed.

…and honestly, the chance to be part of something really special that, in past years, people have said has changed their life ♥︎


Here are the requirements to speak at the summit:

(1) A pre-recorded 15-20 minute presentation on a topic that is genuinely helpful for course creators (see categories of topics below), submitted by 12th August. Show your face or use slides, or something in between – whatever works best for you (and we have templates and prompts to make it as easy as possible).

(2) Basic information about you/ your business that I can share on the sales page (headshot, bio, most important links etc) & permission to use this in my marketing, due by 15th July.

(3) Links to a relevant freebie of yours to include on your presentation page, to make the most of the visibility. You can also include a pitch for 2-3 mins within your presentation. I can help you with this if you're not sure what to promote!

(4) Promotion of the summit to your audience. This year promotion is a requirement of all speakers, to help all of us fairly get this summit in front of as many people as possible (I will provide graphics and swipe copy to help).

➡️ Required: 2x dedicated shares about the summit (including at least 1 to your entire email list)

(5) Optional – A premium resource to include in the VIP upgrade bundle. For example a course, eBook, a workshop, limited access to a membership etc. As long as it'll support heart-led course creators with their sales, we'd love to include something of yours. This will result in more email subscribers for you (you can also promote the VIP pass for additional affiliate income – your commission level will be bumped up if you choose to contribute something)


The most important thing is that your topic will support heart-led course creators with their selling in some way, and is genuinely valuable in and of itself.

Generally topics will fall into a few categories:

(1) Specific sales strategies and/ or how to adapt strategies or implement systems to support your unique personality, energy and values.

(2) The mindset & feelings side of selling, including feeling ok with different techniques and asking for the sale, and taking care of yourself along the rollercoaster ride that is launching and selling.

(3) A unique journey or success story you've had with your own sales. Especially if you've done it in a way that is different to what we are normally taught.

If you're not sure whether your idea fits, try it! You have nothing to lose. We are really interested in having a diverse range of speakers and topics, so be brave!

Click here for a few extra application tips...

These notes are based on a Facebook post I shared when reading applications for the summit last year…

A few things to bear in mind:

✓ My number 1 criteria for choosing speakers is the idea, before I look at anything else about you.

I need topics to speak *specifically* to course creators. It's ok if they could also speak to different audiences, but please make it clear how the topic applies to course creators specifically.

I am way more likely to accept more specific topics. E.g. a specific strategy or mindset work around a specific issue vs something more vague like “how to feel more confident about sales”

You can submit more than one idea (within reason) if you can't choose

A couple of people have written their idea in a really juicy way that piques curiosity, so much so that I wasn't sure what it was about. So please make sure that's crystal clear. And we can perfect the final titles later.

Also, I know it can feel a bit “stretchy” to apply to this stuff. And honestly, I WILL have to turn a lot of people down, just because I received too many applications. But if you feel the nudge to apply, please do it anyway. I also said yes to more than I expected to because the ideas were so good! You might end up speaking, and if you don't it means NOTHING about you/ your idea.


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