Ruth's day one 5-minute overview


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5 minute overview of all of today's presentations from:
  • Aliza Rose
  • Brittany Fagan
  • Ellen Carr
  • Emma Cossey
  • Jemma Broadstock
  • Pippa Parfait
  • Sarah St. John
+ The VIP Experiential Session “Collapse the Timeline”
Written Version

Welcome to day 1 of the summit! I’m going to do my best to keep this video to a maximum of 5 minutes – and I’ll do one for each day of the summit – to give you a super quick overview to help you decide which presentations to dig into and watch. So let’s go!
Day 1 is all about knowing and trusting yourself to sell your way. The idea is that so many of us are so used to trying to be different to how we really are, or the conditioning runs so deep, that we need to explore what we even want it to look like in the first place. And our speakers will help you do that!
Note – we also have a few presentations that’ll be available throughout but I’ll record a separate 5 minute overview of those.
First up we have Aliza Rose who is helping you to find an aligned way to market and sell according to your astrology. This presentation is super clear and actionable, so whether you already know about this or you’re new to astrology, dig in to find an actionable step for tweaking your selling in a way that suits you. This works really well together with Ellen’s presentation which I’ll get to in a sec.
Next we have Brittany Fagan talking about tuning into worthiness and inner abundance for soulful selling. It was really important for me to include some mindset sessions, as it’s not all about what we do but how we think. And Brittany goes into the key things that can get in the way of receiving when selling, and what to do about all of them.
Next up is Ellen Carr who talks about applying Ayurvedic self-knowledge to selling – which like I said works really well with Aliza’s presentation. It’s SUCH a clear explanation of where to focus your energy, and the ways the 3 different energetic types work best – and even if you know about the doshas from Ayurvedic theory, Ellen has clearly linked this specifically to selling which is super helpful.
Next is Emma Cossey and I was so inspired to take some quick action watching this one. This is for sensitive and neurodivergent humans who work best doing bitesized tasks, and there are so many ideas here for you to pick and choose from, in the categories of networking, your client pipeline, referrals and pitching – plus I love what she said about having themes to your week. And it’s not about having to be rigid and consistently doing these things all the time, so pick and choose what you’re inspired to do.
Next up is Jemma Broadstock on How to Turn Your Sensitivity Into Your Selling Point. Well if this doesn’t just describe my own journey! I resonate so much with what she says about being yourself in business being your biggest asset, and she gives some really clear examples of specific things she does that have become a superpower with her finding clients and having clients come back for more.
Next is Pippa Parfait on Disobedient Launching. I think so many of us sensitive humans will resonate with what Pippa says about the rules, and this presentation is really about getting you to pause and ask yourself how you REALLY want to be showing up in your business. It’s really actionable and also accounts for sensitive and neurodivergent humans who will have other things going on in a launch, and how we account for all of this.
Next we have Sarah St. John talking about The Power of Nervous System Regulation When Launching & Selling. I’ve been diving deep into the nervous system in my training, but I hadn’t heard it so specifically talked about in relation to highly sensitive humans, so I learned a lot from watching this presentation and have a much deeper understanding of why I don’t necessarily work the same as other people.
And finally, for those who have upgraded to the VIP bundle pass (and if you haven’t yet, you can go to to upgrade) I’m running a live experiential session at 6pm uk time, which will last an hour.  It's all about collapsing the timeline and clearing the subconscious blocks. It's not about giving you extra information. Like I said it's experiential to clear stuff subconsciously.

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