Ruth's day TWO 5-minute overview


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5 minute overview of all of today's presentations from:
  • Dianne Shelton
  • Kelsey Mech
  • Nesha Woolery
  • Sarah Santacroce
  • Sophy Dale
  • Suzy Darke
  • Yael Bendahan
Written Version

Welcome to day 2 of the summit! Here’s my super quick 5-minute overview of our presentations for today. Day 2 is all about soulful selling techniques. Yesterday was a lot about getting to know ourselves, how we work best, what we want. Now it’s time to figure out how to start putting that into action. So get a pen and paper for these as you’re going to want to take notes!

Reminder – we also have a few presentations that’ll be available throughout but I’ll record a separate 5 minute overview of those.

First up we have Dianne Shelton who is talking about being intentional with our offers to help us sell more. I love what she said about not putting out eggs in one basket and looking at our offers as “seeds” to reach more people – such a helpful metaphor that’ll help us build a stronger offer ecosystem. She also has some really helpful prompts for reflecting on what offers have worked for you and will work best for you.

Next up we have Kelsey Mech who is talking about re-humanizing marketing: approaching selling from a capitalism-critical perspective. Such a big and juicy topic! Kelsey explains exactly why selling feels icky to so many of us, in relation to exploitative tactics we’ve experienced in other places, and shares an exercise to help you figure out a way to market in alignment with our own values (which I’m definitely going to do myself!). This one works well with Sarah’s presentation, which I’ll talk about in a minute. 

Next we have Nesha Woolery who is speaking about selling via video as an introvert. I know some of you will have mixed feelings about this, but trust me when I say – as someone who used to be terrified of video – you are in such safe hands with Nesha who will help you to do this in a way that honours who you are (including how to deal with the awkwardness!) This would be a great one to pair with Suzy’s presentation, which I’ll get to in a sec.

Next up is Sarah Santacroce asking “what if we replaced the sales funnel with a gentle sales path?” This is a great companion to Kelsey’s presentation as Sarah is big on humane selling and building business in a sustainable, human, values-led way. She talks about the tweaks we can make to funnels to lead people on a more gentle sales path, and what is missing from the talk about empathy from sensitive sellers (I loved this important distinction!)

Next is Sophy Dale, talking about how your About page could be your secret sales weapon. I LOVE this topic so much as I don’t know about you but my about page is very neglected and I don’t always know what to write there. But it’s the second-most visited page on your site and plays a really important role in people making a buying decision. Sophy goes into the 5 problems she encounters on most about pages, and what to do instead. Super helpful!

Our next speaker is Suzy Darke, who is talking about gentle visibility when selling and launching, which could go hand in hand with Nesha’s presentation on video. Suzy dives into our sales messaging, how we can feel more confident in what we’re sharing, what to do when we feel like retreating or hiding away (I’m sure we’ve all been there as sensitive humans) and the practicalities of actually showing up and being visible when selling, especially when we have limited energy and time. So much goodness in this one!

And finally we hear from Yael Bendahan who is talking about creating a lead generation process that has people reaching out to YOU (which, as a fellow projector in human design, is right up my street!)  She gives really great examples of getting super clear on your messaging and offers that draws people TO you vs. trying to get people onto sales calls and asking for their credit card details by the end of the call (which works for some, but is definitely not my preference)

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