Ruth's day TWO 5-minute overview


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5 minute overview of all of today's presentations from:
  • Bex Traynier
  • Kayte Ferris
  • Ray Dodd
  • Robin Scott
  • Sarah Lynas
  • Sas Petherick
  • Shantini Rajah

+ Reminder about the VIP breathwork session later

Written Version

I can’t believe we’re on day 3 of the summit already! So far in days 1 and 2 we’ve gotten to know ourselves how WE actually want to and need to sell best, and we’ve started thinking about practical strategies for actually putting that into action.

Which is all great, but without the BELIEF that what we sell is worth the price, without the belief that we are worthy of selling in a way that supports us, all of this will be harder. Which is why in day 3 we’re covering just that!

So first up is Bex Traynier, the HSP Coach, and I knew when I found her online I just HAD to include her wisdom in the summit. And I’m glad I did because her presentation is super helpful and actionable around not just why certain boundaries are important for highly sensitive people, but also the practical actions we can take to put them into place to protect our energy and regulate our nervous system.

Next up is Kayte Ferris who is talking about selling what you WANT vs what you think you SHOULD. Kayte has been on a huge pivot herself lately, so I was so glad she shared with us why we sell from a place of “should” in the first place and how that gets in the way of selling what we’re excited by and what we believe. She helps us discern what it really is that we want and believing we are worthy of making that choice. Something that is SO important to sensitive people (especially the people-pleasers!)

Next we have Ray Dodd who is talking about choosing a price that makes it easier for you to actually sell your thing. Ray has a brilliant way of empowering you to choose what’s right, vs outsourcing your pricing decisions to other people or giving the price all of the power (when actually there’s so much else we can look at to sell an offer successfully than just the price). She also covers the importance of our feelings in all of this and how to start really tuning into them.

Next we have Robin Scott, talking about healing the emotional wounds that get in the way of soulful selling. There are 3 feminine wounds that will show up as we take up space to sell in our businesses, and robin shares what these are, how they impact our results and what we do, and how we can heal them. She also includes a really powerful self-soothing practice that I think a lot of us will benefit from when experiencing tricky feelings.

Next we have Sarah Lynas talking about how we are worth more than our business. In my opinion this is KEY to being able to show up in a way that supports us – knowing that no matter the results, it doesn’t change our worth as humans. But how do we believe in that worth? Sarah has a simple and very powerful tool to tune into that in so many different areas, to help you see the bigger picture especially during times when you’re selling when your self-doubt might feel a little bit louder.

Next we hear from Sas Petherick talking about conducting high-converting sales calls from a place of self-belief. Ahhh sales calls – they can bring up so many feelings when you’re chatting to a potential client in the moment, right? Sas shares how our beliefs shape our practical experience, five sources of self-belief we can lean on, and her five part process to running a sales call from a place of self-belief, and safety and trust for the potential client. So important!

Finally we have Shantini Rajah, spiritual copywriting expert who shares her incredible method for tuning into the heart of what matters about your offer and infusing your content with the energy that’ll really connect with your right people. And this isn’t just about writing copy, it’s also about exploring and accepting yourself through the practice of shadow writing, plus how to actually connect with the emotions of your offers, and Shantini has shared the entire process with you in this presentation.

And finally, for those who have upgraded to the VIP bundle pass (and if you haven’t yet, you can go to to upgrade) we have a live guided breathwork session with Kathy Bell – who I do 1:1 breathwork with – that starts at 1pm eastern/ 6pm uk time and will last around 90 minutes. This physical practice helps release stuck and stagnant energy (such as stress, grief and fear) and creates space for universal energy to flow through your body. Honestly, it’s magical!


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