Ruth's day FOUR 5-minute overview

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5 minute overview of all of today's presentations from:
  • Brook McCarthy
  • Cassandra Le
  • Laura Parker
  • Sara Obando
  • Stephanie Mojica
  • Vicky Shilling
  • Willemijn Maas
+ Reminder about my live bonus workshop + the closing call later

Written Version

I can’t believe we’re on the final day of the summit! What an amazing and wild ride it’s all been. I won’t say all my thank yous now as I’ll save that for the closing call (where I’ll also dive into some important next steps and some honest shares about how this week has been for me)
So far in the summit, we’ve covered knowing and trusting yourself to sell YOUR way, different sales techniques, believing in yourself & the value you have to offer, and now we’re talking practical strategies to make selling easier (and more fun! because yes, it gets to be fun!)

And just a quick reminder that we have several presentations available throughout – we’re into the last 24 hours for those and I have a separate video for them, I just wanted to let remind you so you don’t miss them!
So first up for Day 4 we have Brook McCarthy speaking about your Minimum Viable Marketing Plan aka a strategy Brook uses to create content in a really smart and considered way. If you tend to get overwhelmed at all the ways you should be showing up to sell, then get inspired by this presentation to put together your own Minimum Viable Marketing plan so that you KNOW you’re always showing up in a way that does justice to your offers.

Next up with have Cassandra Le who is sharing the 3 things you need to create soulful sales content that will bring you intentional leads, plus the 3 ways to create it. And this is NOT about jumping on the hottest new trend, but is about the core, foundational pieces that we all need to sell more effectively and soulfully. And Cassandra has broken it down into how this actually plays out during a launch too!

Next up we are hearing from Laura Parker about creating a daily sales rhythm. So many of us find selling overwhelming thinking we need to do SO much to make it happen, so this is a really practical way of simplifying and making it really doable. It’s part mindset, part practical strategy, and I really love how she shares a simple “showing up tracker” we can use to help us see the benefits of all the work you’re putting in too.
Next up we have Sarah Obando’s talk about intentional online funnels, which is all about bringing people into your world in a mindful and intentional way. The emphasis is really on how we connect with others – through our brand, and through the different layers of how they get drawn further towards the centre of what we do. Plus it’s all about remembering that each person in our audience is a HUMAN – which is key to soulful selling!

Next up we have Stephanie Mojica speaking about using a book to attract ready to buy clients, without necessarily even needing any writing experience. I’m sure you are intrigued by this one! And rightly so, because Stephanie goes into why it matters, the difference it can make to your business, what’s involved in terms of work and investments, plus different options for creating it if you don’t necessarily want to write.
Next up is Vicky Shilling speaking about Sensitive Ways to Ask for the Sale. I really wanted to include this as I think we all know we need to be selling many different times, but sometimes we get stuck on WHAT it actually looks like to go about this and do justice to our offer! I love how Vicky framed selling in the context of having conversations with people, and she has also shared five really specific ways to ask for the sale – so challenge yourself to try using some of them and see how it goes!

Last but by no means least, we have Willemijn Maas talking about Application Funnels. I just love this topic. It’s so great to know there are other options for selling things – especially higher ticket – than always getting on sales calls with people (though this still works for getting calls!) Willemijn takes you through how to set it up – including the tech – and I think it’s just a brilliant and actually beautifully simple strategy to add to your arsenal!
As well as the main presentations of the day, there are two other things happening today with me:
(1) Number 1, I’m running an extra bonus workshop on breaking the rules to create aligned offers that are fun and easier to sell. And I actually decided to completely break the rules myself with the way I deliver this, so you’ll have to come and see why. But I decided to run this because I know, for me, having the right, aligned offers to sell in the first place made everything else easier for me when it came to showing up and selling it, believing in it, and talking about it with heart. So I’ll share the foundations of that with you here, plus I’ll share the winners of the Aligned Offers course scholarship, and I’ll share a little more about that course for anyone who wants to join (rest assured, this is an actionable workshop not just a sales pitch – I would not do that!)
(2) We have the closing call! Now don’t worry, you actually get a little bit longer than this to finish watching on the free pass, but I wanted to officially wrap things up as we head to a close. I’ll be drawing the next prize winners, sharing what to do next to actually take what you’ve learned and let it make a tangible difference to your business.
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