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3 minute overview of all the presentations available throughout from:

  • Jamila Theobold
  • Jo Hooper
  • Kerri Leigh
  • Ruth Poundwhite (me!)
  • Ruth Ridgeway


As part of the Soulful Sales Summit we have a number of presentations that are available throughout – basically because there were just so many great topics I couldn’t fit them all in! So the benefit to you is that you get longer to watch these ones, but make sure you do as they’re all super supportive and actionable.

So first up with have Jamila Theobold talking about human design. Whether you’re new to human design or not, you’ll want to watch this presentation to get a greater understanding of your empathic nature and how to really own all the gifts that being an empath brings. I really loved Jamila’s specific suggestions for grounding, energy tuning and deconditioning – all of which I think are central to owning our sensitivities as our superpowers.

Next we have Jo Hooper who is talking about how she embraces the woo to tune into her intuition and detach from results when selling and launching. Jo shares a number of different practices with you, including journalling with tarot and oracle cards which I have personally also found so supportive. So if you’re wondering how to do this- especially when selling – this is the presentation for you!

Next we have Kerri Leigh who is sharing her simple brain dump process for overcoming overwhelm. I really wanted to include this in the summit as I think as sensitive humans it’s very normal to experience overwhelm, when taking into account everything we have to do in our business as well as all of the feelings that come up as a result.  This is super actionable with some brilliant questions for getting everything in perspective ready to prioritise – you may even want to use it to help you navigate everything on offer within the summit!

Next is my presentation! There are a couple of things that come up with my sensitive clients again and again when selling (1) is thinking they need to be a certain way or do things that aren’t aligned with them to sell what they do and (2) they make selling all about them and really worry what people will think about them. This presentation will address both of these, helping you to rewrite the rules and TRULY tune into the value of what you have to offer, including 2 daily practices that you’ll want to use when selling and launching.

And finally we have Ruth Ridgeway’s 5-minute journalling process to calm your nervous system when selling. As a big fan of journalling myself, I am obsessed with these prompts. Seriously, they will help you access a whole new perspective, and you can do it all yourself in just five minutes. This is the stuff that will make a huge difference to how you show up and sell. This is one you’ll want to use again and again.

Like I said, all of these presentations are available throughout the 4 days of the summit, from Monday-Friday, so grab a pen and paper and get stuck into these practices! If you know you want them all for longer then just upgrade to a VIP pass at

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